About me

Who am I?

My name is Dominika Tarczoń and... I work in books. I offer training that will help you understand the publishing market.

My main specialization is popular literature, such as sci-fi and fantasy, crime, drama, and romance. Due to the specificity and hermetic nature of the target group, fantasy and sci-fi are demanding and complicated genres. Choose me to help you reach the perfect reader!

I can help authors earn more money from their writing. Or train publishing houses' employees, small publishers, and even self-publishers.

Can you make a living as a writer? How much does a writer earn? What are the rates for authors... and why are they so low? These are questions many writers ask themselves, from beginners to established authors. I address them in my publications.

Why did our promotion fail? What are the best practices for setting up a publishing calendar? How can we reach new readers? Who are the target groups for our titles? I can help you get the answers.


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What do I do?


Articles, popular science texts, interviews, sales content, SEO content, advertising slogans, book descriptions, blurbs, short stories, novels, and more... Sky is the limit!

Content management

I design and implement content strategies for micro, small, and medium-sized businesses.

Book promotion

Comprehensive book PR & Marketing services.

Promotion of writers/authors

Comprehensive PR & Marketing services in promoting Polish and foreign authors.


Book promotion training & Coaching.

  • Your Book - PR & Media Training lvl basic
  • Your Book - PR & Media Training lvl medium
  • Your Book - PR & Media Training lvl pro
  • Fantastic target audiences and how to find them
  • Bookfluencers: The publisher's secret weapon
  • Booktok. How to use TikTok in your book's promotion?
  • Buzzmarketing

Training & Coaching for Writers

  • How to navigate the publishing market
  • How to promote your book and sell more copies – Author Promotion Training
  • Booktok. How to use TikTok in your book's promotion?


  • Find customers - sell products. Social Media Advertising Campaigns for Micro and Small Businesses
  • Advertising campaigns for cultural institutions
  • Let's do a convention! Con's Advertising

Marketing online

Facebook Ads
Instagram Ads
Native Advertising

Booktour in your city

You can invite me to your local bookstore.

Lectures & Speeches

I specialize in marketing in the publishing industry, fantasy and post-apocalypse genres.


I provide media patronage to books, games and events.

Book's Reviews

I create book reviews, including internal reviews for the publisher.

Special Events

I run author meetings and premiere events.


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